SweconPoddar 05 – Tough chicks

05 - though chicks in SF and FTough chicks; A discussion about gender in Fantastic literature

There are many stories with tough chicks. Still, chicks often just act like men in a world with only male characters. They are “men” in a new packaging. Are there any signs of development of gender roles or just the same old ones in new clothes, the same tired stereotypes? How are the gender roles developing? And how is the male role in fantastic literature changing?  Are men still usually the “main” and most important character? The world changes. But does sf/fantasy? Are there any good examples of interesting and/or different portrayals of gender?

This panel was recorded at Swecon 2015 – Confuse in Linköping – Sweden.

Participants:  Therese Norén, Anna Jakobsson Lund, John-Henri Holmberg, Anna Blixt and moderated by Suzanne van Rooyen

The music is from Sands Of Time (Psychadelik Pedestrian) / CC BY-NC 3.0

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