Sweconpoddar 15 – Animating locations

15 - animatinglocations

Participants: Johan Jönsson (mod), Jenny Milewski, Kristina Hård, Ben Aaronovitch.

Panel at Swecon 2015 – Confuse i Linköping.

Many authors write about a place that they and perhaps also the readers know well, but although it is a common place it is given a “soul” or a specific personality. How do you as author give an ordinary place these properties? Will some places work better than others – London is often used? Are there any places that are harder/impossible to animate? Do you have any examples of successful animations? Examples in addition to the participating authors: Neil Gaiman, Paul Cornell, Nene Ormes.
15 - animatinglocations2

The music is from Sands Of Time (Psychadelik Pedestrian) / CC BY-NC 3.0

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